Sky School - Trampoline Classes


Sky School 2017 Term 1 registrations now closed. 

Register here for Term 2.



Term 2 dates:

Alexandria, NSW Monday 24 April to Saturday 01 July
Miranda, NSW Monday 24 April to Saturday 01 July
Belconnen, ACT Monday 24 April to Saturday 01 July
Macgregor, QLD Monday 17 April to Saturday 24 June


* Please note: Sky School does not run on Fridays and runs as usual if it falls on a public holiday.





6-10 people per session
Monday - Thursday*
4pm - Beginner (Jump Stars)  |  5pm - Intermediate (Flip Tastic)  |  6pm - Advanced (Trick Extreme)
$200 per child, per term
7pm - Adults only class at Macgregor and Alexandria (18+ years old only. General session for all skill levels)
$200 per person, per term
8am, 9am - General session for all skill levels
$200 per child, per term







Head Coach - Ji Wallace, Olympic Silver Medallist 
Ji won a silver medal in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, has won several Australian national titles as well as a gold medal at the 1996 Trampoline World Championships in Vancouver. More recently, Ji took a coaching job in Montreal at the Cirque Du Soleil headquarters. Coaching everything from straps to teeterboard, balancing and juggling to rope specialities, artistic interpretation and of course his favourite - the trampowall. 
Ji Wallace has joined the Sky Zone team as head of our coaching program. He will ensure that each Sky Zone venue has the best fully accredited coaches available to teach the intricacies of trampolining to every skill level. 


Course structure

Running throughout the school term, the courses will follow a structured yet ever evolving program that will be tailored to the progression and skill level of attendees as each week passes.
Jump Stars (Beginner Course):
Designed to be very fast moving and complemented with relevant games while learning how to stay safe on a trampoline.
This course will cover off the basics of trampolining:
Straight jumps, pike positions, tuck positions, straddle positions and backdrops among many others
Body awareness and control (stomach drops, how to stop, what to do with your head) 
Flip Tastic (Intermediate Course):
Teaches techniques that aims into successful completion of a forward and backward somersault. 
Skills that will be taught include:
Rebounds, rollovers, crash dives, back overs, log rolls, front/back somersaults
Learning to fall and getting yourself out of trouble
How to stop at speed
Routine construction


Trick Extreme (Advanced Course):
Caters to those familiar and comfortable on a trampoline and will focus on elevating their skill set to a higher level. 
Skills that will be taught will include:
Somersaults (forward, backward and incorporating twists)
Safely practising tricks in the foam pit 
Transitioning from foam pit to trampoline
Wall Running/conquering The Wall