• 3 stories of laser tag


    only at Sky Zone Macgregor

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Brisbane Laser Tag Craziness


we've got some sweet combos for you!


We're upping our game and going all out with our new all-in combos. Check out our deals that will keep you bouncing and tagging for hours.


Terms and conditions apply.
Jumping socks not included. If you don't wish to uptake this offer, jumping and laser can be bought at regular pricing at the venue. One hour of jumping $16 without socks, one laser game $10.

laser games:

$10 for 1 game of laser
$17 for 2 games of laser

want to jump and tag? we've got some combo deals for you:



$23 for 1 hour jumping + 1 game laser
$30 for 1 hour jumping + 2 games laser
add on socks for $2

(Please note laser games run for approx 15 - 20 mins each.)

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welcome to Skyland.


Australia’s largest indoor trampoline park now comes with added laser tag. Sky Zone Macgregor has its very first Skyland - a three storey laser tag arena in Brisbane that holds up to 40 players battling it out in a cloud-filled wonderland.


You’ve bounced so high that day is night. Your right is left, your left is right. Run around, dodge lasers and get lost in three levels of laser tag craziness, it's Brisbane's largest laser tag arena. Be slick, don’t slip, be lightning quick and zap the enemies with your Thunderstick.


When the adventure is over the one with the most energy will be the ruler of all of Skyland! 


It's time to let the game commence.