Sky Climb Sydney


Clip on your safety harness, start climbing, scale the skies. Whether you’re just learning the ropes or a hero of heights, we’ve got the fun covered for everyone. Climbing it solo? Our auto-belay braking system will take care of you.


Clamber your way through Sydney’s best and safest climbing walls and challenge yourself and your friends to come out on top.


It’s next level fun. Literally. Powered by Clip n Climb.



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general climbers


1 hour climb time

add on Sky Drop for $5





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jump & climb


1 hour climb time

add on Sky Drop for $5


1 hour jump time

does not include jump socks



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Prices are per person unless otherwise specified. Subject to availability, terms and conditions apply. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer. Minimum age for climbing is 5 years or at least 110cm tall.




book a climb party


Take things to new heights with a Sky Zone Climb party. With up to 32 climbing obstacles, this sky high pursuit will keep the kids entertained for the whole party. Plus the birthday child can take things to the next level with the Sky Drop experience on us!


Your dedicated Sky Zone Party Host will keep the party flying high, entertaining the kids, serving the food and of course, presenting the cake.









add on activities 


what is

sky drop?


This slide is an ‘out of the ordinary’ experience. Each participant is kitted out in a skydive suit and a helmet. Holding on to a handlebar, you are pulled up the face of the slide to a height of up to 14 metres, where you can choose to let go at any time. Participants who reach the top will experience a free fall before engaging seamlessly with the slide.


what is

leap of faith?


Immensely popular and a personal challenge for many. Climb up the central pole onto the jumping platform, then leap out to catch hold of the trapeze. The position of the trapeze can be quickly and easily altered to suit the physicality and confidence of each participant. The practice jump at a lower level will get you leap ready before ascending to higher grounds.






how it works

sky climb is based on a simple three-step process

Arrive on the hour.
You turn up, check in at main reception, get your swish wristband and head to the climbing area.

Briefing quarter past the hour.
We run you through a compulsory session briefing – safety first!

Climbing on the half hour.
You’re off. Clip on your safety harness, start climbing, scale the skies.

sky climb opening hours




Monday - Thursday 1pm to 9pm
Friday - 1pm to 10pm
Saturday - 9am to 10pm
Sunday - 9am to 8pm


Monday – Thursday 1pm to 10pm
Friday 1pm to 11pm
Saturday 9am to 11pm
Sunday 9am to 9pm
After 5pm, we recommend our climbers be 16 years or older. For group bookings before 1pm on Monday-Friday, please call 13 7599.


sky climb faq


All guests are required to arrive on the hour for their climb time to attend the Sky Climb safety briefing. It is compulsory to attend the safety briefing prior to climbing, if you are late to the safety briefing you may risk being refused entry to the climbing area. Sky Climb is as easy as A-B-C - refer to 'How it works' above.

don’t worry about crash landings
Our automatic belay system lowers guests slowly and safely to the ground.

safety is up there as our highest priority
Getting hurt isn’t fun for anyone. We have trained staff in all Sky Climb venues to make sure you’re soaring safely.

booked a special jump and climb package?
Jumping always comes first. Once your jump hour’s up, get your shoes back on and head to the Sky Climb area for your safety briefing at quarter past the hour. Make sure you don’t lose that wristband!

fun sells out fast
We reach capacity pretty quickly, so make sure you check out the website before arriving to make sure there’s a spare spot available!

sky high fun can be a bit tricky
Climbers must be at least five-years-old or 110cm+.

booking add ons
For an extra $5, thrill-seekers can find their fix at the Leap of Faith or take on the Sky Drop speed slide. Book online to make sure you don’t miss out. Or chance it and try to grab a ticket on arrival. Once you have booked, whatever your activity there's no refunds allowed. Even if you cancel or book with a gift voucher.

no harness, no hang time
Our staff will assist with putting on your Sky Climb approved harness and check it is on correctly. Parents and guardians can come into the Sky Climb area to assist with their kids. It is recommended to wear appropriate clothing which can be worn comfortable under a harness.
you must have closed-in shoes
To avoid injuries, it’s important to keep those feet completely covered. All climbers must wear closed-in shoes. No closed-in shoes = no climbing.