Are you ready for the freedom of flight? With more than 100 interconnected trampolines that let you literally bounce off the walls, and a range of trampoline activities, we've got the fun covered for everyone.


Newbie? Practice getting massive air at The Stratosphere then show us your ultimate dunk at Sky Slam. Got some skills? Do a sweet flip into The Pit or challenge your mates to a game of Dodgeball. Thrillseeker? No worries! Show off your sick combos on The Wall and earn your title as Lord of the Springs. Even the little ones can join the fun with our toddler only areas.


So what does a jump session include?

Each of the activities below can be accessed when purchasing a jump session at any one of our Sky Zone venues.





The Stratosphere is where you learn to fly. Jump from trampoline to trampoline with your mates, get a feel for anti-gravity and teach yourself to soar. A good place to learn the basic skills of Sky Zone.



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Sky Slam

Everyone’s tried to sink a slamdunk at least once, but basketball hoops are high and legs are short and gravity makes life difficult sometimes. Hit up Sky Slam and make it happen. Nothing but net, baby. Get enough practice in and pretty soon it’ll be on like LeBron.



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The Pit

We’re all about big air and soft landings. The Pit is your go-to flip and fall destination. Get a run up, take your leap of faith, and land safely in a pool of huge foam squares. That’s the easy part. Good luck getting out.



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Dodgeball Zones

Four dodgeball courts, four playing fields for intense ducking and dodging competition. One of Sky Zone’s most popular areas, the four zones are waiting for you to unleash your inner-athlete. You can bounce, duck and weave your way to glory. Go get ‘em, tiger.



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The Wall

The Wall is for the serious jumper. The athlete, the daredevil, the parkour enthusiast, the thrill-seeker. Walk it, run it, sit on it and admire the view! You can talk the talk but can you walk The Wall? It’s not for the faint-hearted.



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