Enduro Ninja Warrior Course


Exclusively at Sky Zone Miranda. 


Challengers, are you ready? We’ve got our ropes up and our Enduro Ninja Warrior Course is now in full swing.


From The Flying Fox to Wedge Run, Cliffhanger to Spider Wall - we have 12 different obstacles to really test your stamina, question is - can you beat the course?


Whether you’re learning the ropes or king of the swing, our sky high warrior course will put anyone up to a challenge. It’s the ultimate endurance test. 



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Challenge Tracker

Show us what you’re made of and put yourself up against the Challenge Tracker, Enduro’s new time trial challenge. 
Grab a wristband for five bucks, register, swipe on, race, swipe off.
Our end-to-end live leaderboard gives you and your mates something to really race for. There’s a place and time for everything. We’ve got the place, you set the time.