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kids parties

Kids Parties

Is there a better way to spend your birthday than flying through the air with your friends? Of course there isn’t. Dart and duck in the trampoline park’s dodgeball courts, slam dunk over at the SkySlam area, flip into The Pit. Your kids will love the exhilaration of leaving gravity behind.



Private birthday party rooms? We got ‘em. Between the giggles and mischief and countless retellings of “the coolest flip-jump trick EVER”, they’ll probably need some sustenance. We’ve got delicious food and drinks covered too. 


There are packages and add-ons to suit every flight team.

work functions

Work Functions

Look, the term “team-building” gets an eyeroll at the best of time, but this isn’t the 90s and no one trusts that weird guy from Accounts to catch them as they fall backwards into the “circle of trust”. Sky Zone work parties are about letting go, having a good time and hilarious jokes about telling your boss to go jump.



Our venues can organise trophies, facilitators, trained gymnasts to teach new skills and gym instructors to take you and your work group for the ultimate workout. Whatever the objective, we can coordinate activities to suit every group.


Once the fun part is over and you’ve cooled down, you can head into one of our private cloud rooms for the more serious stuff. We have white boards, flip charts and plasma screens for hire. Fancy.


school groups

School Groups

Look, we know that fitness is a vital part of any school curriculum, and while we’re not big into boring words like “curriculum”, we’re big fans of fitness. But sometimes kids aren’t. And who can blame them?


Running laps is about as much fun as algebra homework (hint: not fun). So, here’s how it is. Sports days, PE classes, school groups: you provide the students and we’ll provide the trampoline park. They will have so much fun they won’t even realise they’re doing something that’s good for them.



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