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Kids Parties

Is there a better way to spend your birthday than flying through the air with your friends? Of course there isn’t. Dart and duck in the trampoline park’s dodgeball courts, slam dunk over at the Sky Slam area, flip into The Pit. Your kids will love the exhilaration of leaving gravity behind.


Private birthday party rooms? We got ‘em. Between the giggles and mischief and countless retellings of “the coolest flip-jump trick EVER”, they’ll probably need some sustenance. We’ve got delicious food and drinks covered too. 



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Little Leapers

Sky Zone is a big place and we get that little ones still coming to terms with gravity can get overwhelmed by the fumble and tumble of jumping among the masses.

That’s why we've got special toddler sessions for all those pocket-sized pouncers and their parents. Sky Zone's kids program are a dedicated toddler sessions to keep your child entertained, without having to worry about what goes on in the adult world.

After all, why should your little leaper miss out on all the fun?


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Skyfit Fitness

Skyfit fitness programs not only improves your fitness but promotes your overall health. Every class has been tailored to work you hard and get you the results you want without even realising it!


Whether you’ve had some time off or a full fitness junkie, Skyfit will work your upper and lower body, get that heart-rate up and keep you motivated. It’s all the positive results you want withut the boring bits!

There's a Skyfit trampoline fitness class to suit every fitness level.



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